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Taurus Weekly Horoscope for Taurus

Week of 17th July 2017 to 23rd July 2017

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Demands on your wallet are hefty and needy this week, particularly Monday the 17th when unexpected demands bubble to the surface, especially from Aries, Cancer, Taurus, Pisces and Capricorn individuals or members. Sudden and unexpected repairs, appliances, vehicles and other types of structural demands from your house appear to head the list and Aries, Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces, Libra and Taurus may be personalities who have last-minute sudden emergencies with health issues or who need rescued from schooling expense/needs. Entertaining and communications devices appear to take up another chunk of your budget near the 19th into the 20th as computers, phones and transportation or ticket needs may surface for the family as a whole or any group within the family, especially children, Gemini, Cancer, Capricorn, Aries or Leo members. Enjoyable gatherings, big celebrations and big ticket items meant to entertain or impress the family near the 21st into the 22nd appears to be elective spending on your part. Theme parks, big screen TVs and vehicles appear to head the list of your choices.


There are some very rare and impactive aspects this week when it comes to love. It appears that Taurus is ready to pull out all the stops and is feeling very generous and willing to dig deep into the savings and the plastic to throw out the red carpet for a love interest. Feathering the nest, entertaining to impress and sweeping an individual off their feet to reach high levels of contentment and security,... appear to be heading your agenda regardless of your status at this time; new, mid-range for even old. Using money to breathe new life into a fading status is also just as likely as using it to impress a brand new one. There is a powerful aspect near the 20th indicating that it fading relationship could die off. Those of you who wish not to let this one go will definitely scramble all you can to stop it. Those of you who cannot must accept what happens... and understand it is meant to be for the best. Those of you who hit this one will move on very quickly... finding new love as soon as October or November with candidates and new opportunities. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Certainly if it's not romance, it definitely is friends that you are traveling, entertaining, sharing or celebrating with this week, as there are far too many indications of strong socialization, enjoyment and revelry this week for you to be sitting on your hands. Choose a good pal and get out there and enjoy the wonderful array of events the season has to offer.


Several aspects indicate that your plate can be very full for those of you who are gainfully employed, appear to be busy and profitable. Working very hard and scrambling to the top appears very likely this week. There are several challenges especially between Monday the 17th and Wednesday the 19th but working hard and making hay while the sun shines is what you do best. Hauling it in hand over fist would give you a good reason to play as hard as you work. A big challenge on the afternoon of the 20th seems to indicate a big cash in the day of the 21st. Be fast answer quickly and be sure to respond to all inquiries especially on the 21st.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by sudden insights, new discoveries, come up with fresh solutions to old problems, and seek alternatives to the usual routine way of doing things. Your mental processes are speeded up and you move more quickly now. Try to make room for a lot of spontaneity and flexibility in your schedule at this time. Sharing your thoughts and ideas with your mate or marriage partner is rewarding to you now. A blending of similar interests and attitudes can help establish closer ties between you and your mate. In an ongoing relationship, pledges of love, commitment, and loyalty can be exchanged, or you can have a meaningful conversation which brings renewed vows. You or your loved one may be especially revealing with regard to affectionate feelings and open communications. Carrying out day to day routines and obligations with your companion should also prove more pleasant during this period. Read more...